Finally Get The Smile You Deserve!

Invisalign changes everything …and with finance options including no deposit and up to 5 years to pay – can you afford to wait any longer for the perfect smile?

Are you tired of feeling self conscious about your smile, closing your mouth during photos while your friends pose with their sparkling teeth?
Are you fed up hiding your smile?

Imagine there was a simple, nonintrusive solution to give you the smile you deserve, while being virtually invisible and without the need for any surgery!

Get The Smile You Have Always Wanted!

There’s never been a better time to straighten your teeth with the most advanced clear aligner in the world!

Why Do We Use Invisalign?

Invisalign is the most advanced clear aligner system in the world!

We supply and fit a clear aligner system with 20 years of clinical research and more than 700 patents. No other clear aligner is backed by the data and experience of 4 million customers!

Everything about the process is bespoke, with your unique moulds sent to the USA where Invisalign themselves design your aligners in-house, guaranteeing the highest quality product on the market, delivered to us!

Why You Should Use Invisalign

  • Invisalign retainers have up to 50% faster treatment time, with only 18 months to 2 years necessary!
  • We can give you retainers away in bulk, allowing you to rotate them yourself, only come back to us every 6 to 8 weeks for your next supply!
  • Age is not a consideration for Invisalign treatment. Healthy teeth can be moved at any age!
  • A short, 90 second mouth scan.
  • Up to 50% faster treatment times.
  • Proven results: SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features are clinically proven to achieve 75% more predictable tooth movement.
  • Better fit, better comfort: Aligners made from SmartTrack® material are more comfortable, better fitting, and easier to put on and take off. With innovations like these, we can move your teeth more precisely.
  • Using advanced 3D computer imaging technology to project tooth movement, Invisalign allows you to visualise your treatment from start to finish through animated visuals, which can also be viewed online!
  • It can also relieve more complex issues, including overbites, overjets, under bites and even cross bites.
  • You can eat all your favourite foods! Your aligners can be removed to eat and drink!

Owner, Dr. George Campbell explains…

“The best part of my job is transforming the way someone feels. Watching my patients young and old go from excited and hopeful to dazzling and confident! 

I spent 3 years as the Registrar in Orthodontics at the prestigious Guy’s Hospital in London and obtained my MSc, where I still work regularly.

I am a member of the World Federation of Orthodontists, the British and European Orthodontic Societies and an International member of the American Orthodontists Society.

Trust Infinity Smiles, with 7 practices across central Scotland and 20 years’ experience in changing peoples lives and revolutionising their self confidence!

I believe everyone deserves straight teeth and a beautiful smile.

If you want the best smile, only an orthodontist has the training, experience, and the treatment options necessary. All orthodontists are dentists, but only 6 percent of dentists are orthodontists!

If you want a great smile, it’s your orthodontist who is a specialist in making that smile the best it can possibly be.

Benefits to straight teeth (aside from looking good and making you feel more confident):

  • Give good bite.
  • Your upper and lower teeth fit the way they should.
  • Easier to bite, to chew, and to speak.

It can entirely change how people see you!

Your smile is important. As such, it’s essential to trust a specialist who has the additional education needed to produce that healthy, beautiful smile.

WINTER OFFER: £500 off your treatment if you book this month!

Make 2018 the year you get the smile you deserve!




Total treatment cost: £2,200


60 months @ 9.9% APR

= £46.18 PER MONTH!


(Total amount payable £2,770.94)

Is Your Smile Letting You Down?

Your Best Smile Is Within Reach!

Have a winning smile, it’s people’s first impression of you, it’s how they remember you and trust you.

Your smile is your armour, your secret, YOUR TRADEMARK!

Orthodontic treatment is a smart investment for you, your family, your smile, as well as your dental, physical and emotional health.


  • The most advanced clear aligner in the world with 20 years of clinical research and over 4 million customers.
  • Supplied by us, Infinity Smiles with over 20 years experience including the Registrar in Orthodontics at the prestigious Guy’s Hospital in London. Member of the World Federation of Orthodontists, the British and European Orthodontic Societies and an International member of the American Orthodontists Society.
  • £500 off your treatment if booked this month.
  • No deposit and up to 5 years to pay.

Fill in your details below and we will contact you with more information – or you can book a free, no obligation consultation!


“One of the reasons I chose Invisalign treatment was the less invasive approach to teeth straightening. I can’t believe that something so thin has the capacity to move my teeth!”

– Matthew


“You don’t realise how important your smile is. Invisalign has had a massive impact on my life: I smile confidently and I look better in photographs. The results were everything I imagined.

I chose Invisalign because the aligners are clear. Nobody noticed I was wearing them and I liked that you could take them out to eat. I sent pictures to my friends throughout the treatment; they were amazed by how my teeth were changing and how good they looked. The treatment gave me confidence from start to finish. I wish I’d done it years ago.

It’s priceless for what you get in the end, definitely. For the smile that I’ve achieved, it’s worth every penny.”

– Mikala


“I’m more confident, more outgoing and smiling so much more. A smile really can change your life.

Some people did notice I was wearing the aligners, but only because I was smiling more. Other people didn’t realise until I told them at the end of the treatment. You can take them out for eating, so there are no problems with food. I’m 100% satisfied and would recommend Invisalign to anyone.”

– Vincent


“Having Invisalign treatment has dramatically improved my confidence. I was always a happy, bubbly person but would try and hide my teeth. Now I love smiling.

I wanted a more discreet option than metal braces. I didn’t want to draw more attention to my teeth. With Invisalign, people didn’t even notice I had the aligners in until they could see that my teeth were moving. When I had the aligners fitted I liked how easy they were to insert and remove, and that I didn’t have to keep visiting my dentist. They fitted my lifestyle.

I would definitely recommend it to others. I wish I had done it sooner!”

– Kirsty


What is Invisalign?
Invisalign treatment is a virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth. Using advanced 3D computer-imaging technology, Invisalign shows you your complete treatment plan based on our prescription, from the initial position of your teeth towards the final desired position. Then a series of clear aligners are custom-made for your teeth to move them little by little.

Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series, gradually moving towards the projected final position. The treatment time depends on your specific needs and will be decided by us.


How does Invisalign work?
Invisalign aligners move teeth through a series of carefully controlled movements. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treatment not only controls the amount of movement that each aligner delivers, but also the timing of the movement. So, at each stage, only certain teeth can move, following the Infinity Smiles treatment plan for that particular stage. This results in an efficient force delivery system.


What are the benefits of Invisalign?
Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible and typically hardly anyone notices that you’re wearing them.

Because Invisalign aligners are removable, you can eat and drink what you want during treatment by simply removing the aligners. You can also remove the aligners to brush and floss as you normally would to maintain your normal oral hygiene routine.

Unlike traditional fixed braces, there are no metal brackets or wires. This means that in most cases less time is spent in our practice for adjustments.

And finally, the Invisalign System allows you to view your virtual results and treatment plan before you begin treatment, so you can see how your teeth are expected to look when your treatment is complete.


Is this a new way to straighten teeth?
Dentists or orthodontists have successfully used removable appliances for years. But the Invisalign System uses Align Technology’s 3D computer technology and mass-customisation to treat a wide range of patients who want straighter teeth. The ClinCheck software allows patients to see their treatment plan from beginning to end before the start of treatment.


How much does Invisalign cost?
As with other types of orthodontic treatment, the cost of Invisalign treatment depends on the complexity of your teeth straightening issue and your course of treatment. As a general rule the cost for adults is comparable to traditional fixed braces and is typically between £2,000 and £5,500, although if only minor tooth movement is required, prices could start from £1,500. However, only a free consultation with us can accurately determine the cost.
How do I get started with Invisalign?
Make an appointment with us for a free consultation.
How many patients are being treated with Invisalign?
Literally millions of patients worldwide have been treated with Invisalign.

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